Fundraiser Events

141_Fundraiser EventsAre you planning to raise funds to honor the life of someone lost to a disease, accident or other cause and afraid of “the different response”?

Perfect Planing Event Management” is a fundraising and event planning firm helping non-profit organizations to not only raise more money, but also build a sustainable volunteer and donor community in any city. We have a personal, hands-on approach for just that.

Empowering your supporters to spread your mission, raise funds and recruit new supporters are all key elements when it comes to planning and executing a successful event. And that’s just the start of it. Over the past ten years, “Perfect Planing Event Management” has helped top fundraising events dramatically improve their results by staying on top of the latest trends, integrating new channels and utilizing unique tactics.

  • Honor the life of someone lost to a disease, accident or other cause.
  • Celebrate the courage of someone who is battling/has battled a disease.
  • Raise funds for and awareness of a cause you are passionate about.
  • Provide a community-building event.
  • Build greater alliances with donors, supporters, and like-minded companies and organizations.

Our goal is to do everything we can to maximize the donations you receive. Here are the event services we provide before, during, and after your event:


* Item Fulfillment: Our unique, high-valued items include sports memorabilia, jewelry, and travel packages.

* Customized Selection: Customized menu of highly valued items that match your attendees and their interests.

* Expandable: Include items donated to your organization and you receive 100% of the winning bid.


* Strategic Display & Layout: Our auction display experts design a layout and display items to maximize interest and bidding.

* Setup to Cleanup Management: Focus on your event, we’ll handle everything from setting up to cleaning up.

* Staffing & Security: Our auction experts maintain a professional, secure presence at your special event.


* Purchase Processing: All credit card processing, payments, and receipts are managed seamlessly.

* Shipping & Delivery: We work directly with all winning bidders on any delivery or customer service issues.

* Maximized Revenue Sharing: Our revenue sharing structure provides the highest rate of return in the industry.

We offer a full range of services—including event production, social impact, fundraising technology services, and immersive experiences, among other capabilities. The real value in partnering with us is our unique approach to identifying and working with individuals (board members, honorees, committee members, etc.) passionate about a cause that will help them turn their personal relationships into fundraising relationships, all around a special event.

Contact us for more information at 202-500-9840. Put the fun in fundraisers and show everybody a good time with your food and entertainment choices.